Baby Toys Shampoo (BTS) - Pola - 300ml

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Baby Toys Shampoo

BF1 Formulated BF1 Baby Toys Shampoo (BTS) for all lovely baby. BF1 Baby Toys Shampoo (BTS) is very mild shampoo, not harsh for skin, a very gentle, soft and light baby shampoo formulation that perform deep cleansing and skin moisturizing. Suitable for baby skin. Baby skin will become so soft, spongy, tender after using BF1 Baby Toys Shampoo.

Baby enjoys this cartoon toys partner and play with them while during bath, make baby have a more enjoyable and blissful shower time.

Direction Of Use : Apply onto skin, rub and wash then rinse off.

Odor of BF1 Baby Toys Shampoo : Baby delighted perfume. Perfume designed by BF1 special for baby.

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