Perfume Soap Bar - WBP

Perfume Soap Bar


BF1 Formulated Perfume Soap Bar for our customer to enjoy bubble showering with our perfume soap bar. Customer can enjoy the BF1 Aromatic Water Base Perfume (WBP) while taking bath with Perfume Soap Bar. Not only body will smell perfume, the whole toilet will also smell perfume after you taken bath.

There is plenty of choices of our Perfume Soap Bar, customer can acquire 7 types of Perfume Soap bar to enhance your 7days mood - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Make everyday delightful and happy by switching your perfume everyday.

If you leave Perfume Soap Bar in a enclose area, it will make the enclose area smell perfume, enclose area such as handbag, cabinet, drawer.

Direction of Use : Apply onto skin, rub and wash then rinse off.

Odor of Perfume Soap Bar : Perfume scent is from BF1 Aromatic Water Base Perfume (WBP) natural plants, wood, flower, leaf and fruit.

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