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Essential Oil For Hair - 50ml - Essential Oils Suppliers Malaysia

We supply wide range of per-blended essential oils for hair in 50ml packing size for retail and sampling manufactured and supply by BF1, Malaysia. All pre-blended essential oils for hair formulated with pure essential oils perform medical results and safe for direct hair or scalp application.

List Of Essential Oil Packing Size and Prices

Packing size available : 10ml, 50ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5L, 25L. for price : Easy Order.

Essential Oils For Hair Results

All our pure essential blended oil for hair perform immediate results as per description, you may test the blended hair essential oils on your hair or scalp directly to see the effective results immediately. Examples : Repair Damage Hair Essential Oil.

Essential Oils For Hair Guarantee

We provide 7 days Money Back Guarantee for all essential oils and blended essential oils. Our essential oil 100% Non Alcohol, no harmful chemicals suitable use and safe for all hair types and scalp. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Essential Oils For Hair Application

All essential oils for hair are pure natural oil without fragrance. Pure natural essential oils for hair will not cause sensitives and itchiness, safe for all hair types and direct scalp application.

Use of Essential Oils For Hair

Blended pure essential oils for hair perform good miracle results for hair and scalp medication, such as oily scalp treatment, hair growth, repair damage hair, black hair, scalp itchy, scalp psoriasis and all hair or scalp medication purpose.

Safety of Hair Essential Oils

All our pure essential oils for hair are safe to apply on all hair types and scalp directly, it will not create irritation to scalp. Pure essential oils for hair should not harmful to all hair types and scalp, because it make by pure natural herbs and fruits.

Expiry Date : 3 Years from the date you received your essential oils.

Odor of Essential Oils For Hair

Pure essential oils for hair are smell like fresh fruits or leaves, it will not stronger odor than the fresh fruits or leaves, because it do not contain any fragrance compound.

Essential Oils For Hair Re-branding in Malaysia

We offer to re-branding all available essential oils for hair to your own essential oils for hair and scalp brand with repacking to your required size and re-label with you logo and design. Make Your Own OEM Brand

Blended Essential Oils Formulation - BF1 Free Training Workshop

2 hours of free training workshop for basic knowledge of mixing, blending and use of pure essential oils for whitening, slimming and anti aging essential oils formulation.

* Date : 03th October 2015 (Saturday), * Date : 08th October 2016 (Saturday)
* Time : 2.00pm to 4.00pm * Language : English
BF1 Malaysia, 146, Jalan Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutan, Malaysia 51200
* By Vincent Yong
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