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Electric Aroma Burner Malaysia - Aroma Malaysia

We import and distribute wide range of electric aroma burner. All electric aroma burner complete with bulb and plug. You may use Essential Oils, Aroma Oils or Fragrance Oils for burning purposes without add water.

Electric Aroma Burner Malaysia - Warranty

We provide one year warranty for all Electric Aroma Burner and 7 days Money Back Guarantee with BF1 Guarantee terms and conditions.

BF1 Money Back Guarantee

Direction use of Oils for Electric Aroma Burner

You may use essential oils, aroma oils or aromatic fragrance oils into the glass plate of Electric Aroma Burner, but please select the type of oils depending on their lastingness.

Choice Of Oil and the Lastingness
* Pure Essential Oils 2-4 Hours
* Natural Aroma Oils 4-6 Hours
* Aromatic Fragrance Oils 6-8 Hours

Electric Aroma Burner Malaysia - Testing and Exploring Electric Aroma Burner

You may visit our factory to see the actual Electric Aroma Burner, choose and test the Electric Aroma Burner yourself.

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Electric Aroma Burner Malaysia - Dealer or Reseller

You may sell BF1 electric aroma burner online or offline, discount rate will start with the minimum quantities mix selection of 10 units.

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