Anti-Bac Baby Shampoo

Anti-Bac Baby Shampoo


BF1 Formulated Anti-Bac Baby Shampoo to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses on baby body. Specially design for customer who want to keep their baby clean, protected and safe. Anti-Bac Baby Shampoo is very mild shampoo, not harsh for skin, a very gentle, soft and light baby shampoo formulation. Suitable for baby skin.

Baby are still in the stage of growing, always make sure baby take shower after coming back from outside, so that bacteria and viruses from outside don't affect baby. After shower, baby body are clean and family are protected and safe.

Direction of Use : Apply onto skin, rub and wash then rinse off

Odor of Anti-Bac Baby Shampoo : Scent as per natural plants, wood, flower, fruit and BF1 created Body Fragrance Oil (BFO) shown in picture.

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