Fragrance Enhancer (FE)

Fragrance Enhancer (FE) helps to increase the top note, middle note and lasting note of body fragrance oil. Major designer fragrance oil and fine fragrance oils are cold blended and mixture of Fragrance Enhancer.

Direction Use For Fragrance Enhancer : Add 5%-10% into Body Fragrance Oil directly.

Safety of Fragrance Enhancer (FE) - All our Fragrance Enhancer (FE) 100% Non Alcohol suitable for use for all Muslim, all skin types and safe for babies, children or adults. Our Fragrance Enhancer (FE) without harmful chemicals and will not cause headache or dizziness.

Lasting of Fragrance Enhancer (FE) - All our Fragrance Enhancer (FE) scent lasting onto body about 36-48 hours and lasting for 14 days onto shirt or clothes. Fragrance Enhancer (FE) not sticky and do not require rinse off by body shampoo or bath, it will not cause irritation, itching or rashes to skin after applied.

Fragrance Enhancer (FE) - Fragrance Enhancer (FE) leave no stain on skin and clothes, it will make skin feel powdery after absorption and fast drying. Safe for all skin types, it will not causing skin allergic or itchiness.

Fragrance Enhancer (FE) Direction Of Use : Apply directly or spray onto skin then leave on. ( No need to rinse of with soap or water. )

Fragrance Enhancer (FE) Expiry : 3 Years after derived.

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